Terms of Service


Agenium is committed to your success. To demonstrate our commitment, we have established these Terms of Service outlining the level of service you can expect from us. We strive to make every interaction productive. If we do not meet your expectations, we want to hear from you.

Customer Success

The Agenium Helpdesk supports clients during regular business hours; Monday-Friday, 8 am to 5 pm Central. Changes to hours including holiday coverage will be communicated at Agenium Announcements in the Agenium Online Guide. Agenium uses a number of monitoring tools, at all times, to ensure performance and availability of the system. Reporting an issue should be done by contacting the HelpDesk via:

Severity of Issues

The severity of issues will be defined by Agenium. Clients may request a severity, and we ask that clients provide as much detail as possible to help Agenium accurately judge the severity. The definition of all severities requires that the recommended system configuration and technical requirements are being used. Agenium defines tickets with the following severities, including descriptions:

Priority Definition
Severity 1 - Critical
  • A customer-facing service is down for all customers
  • Confidentiality or privacy is breached
  • Users can't complete something in the system, cases are being assigned incorrect decisions or outcomes.
Severity 2 - High
  • A customer-facing service is unavailable for a subset of customers
  • Core functionality is significantly impacted
  • Cases can only be completed with a workaround.
Severity 3 - Medium
  • A minor inconvenience to customers, workaround available
  • Usable performance degradation
  • A real issue has been identified but has been easily worked around
Standard Service Request
  • Request for assistance, information, or services that are routine in nature
  • A minor change, or something that can't be defined or recreated.

Service Availability

Our goal is to provide 24x7 availability of the system, and we are confident enough that we offer subscription credits for average Uptime Availability across our services below 99.95%. Service availability, including uptime, can be found at https://status.uwpipeline.com.

Service Level Objectives

Agenium’s service level objectives are outlined in the table below. All measures are from the time the ticket is reported to helpdesk@agenium.ai.

Service Activity Definition Target
Uptime Availability Our goal is to achieve an average uptime of 99.95% on our services, including uwpipeline.com and api.uwpipeline.com. Uptime is calculated and posted at https://status.uwpipeline.com/uptime. We provide status updates and track 3rd party integrations; however, we are not responsible for the uptime of those services. 99.95% Uptime Availability per month
Incident response time Our goal is to respond as fast as possible to your requests relating to a priority issue. Our target is to achieve the MMTA 95% of the time assuming a normal level of incidents. Once acknowledged, updates will be provided to https://status.uwpipeline.com or in the helpdesk ticket. Mean Time to Acknowledge
  • Severity 1: within 30 minutes (business hours)
  • Severity 1: within 2 hours (non-business hours)
  • Severity 2: within 1 business hour
  • Severity 3: within 1 business day
Incident resolution time Our goal is to achieve the incident recovery target on the right at least 95% of the time assuming a normal level of incidents. Mean Time to Repair
  • Severity 1: within 4 business hours
  • Severity 2: within 2 business days
  • Severity 3: as soon as commercially reasonable
Disaster Recovery Agenium maintains disaster recovery and business continuity plans for the Services to ensure minimal to no service interruptions and to support the service level objectives outlined in this agreement. As part of the plan, Agenium maintains a passive instance of the platform in Microsoft Azure West US.
  • Recovery Point Objective: 15 minutes
  • Recovery Time Objective: 4 hours
Root Cause Analysis Problem Reports Production of a report describing the root cause of a particular incident or sequence of incidents. Target report production from resolving the issue and receiving the request: Target report production from resolving the issue and receiving the request:
  • Severity 1: within 3 business days
  • Severity 2: within 4 business days
  • Severity 3: no such reports will be provided

Updates and Notifications


Agenium will provide updates on Pending tickets depending on severity level. Update time will be calculated based on the time the ticket was acknowledged.

A. Critical – Every 30 minutes
B. High – Every 24 hours
C. Medium – As updates occur
D. Standard Support Request – As needed, depending upon the issue.
E. Information that must be included in the updates and on the Agenium portal are as follows:
        a. The nature of the problem;
        b. If this is an intermittent issue;
        c. If all users are impacted;
        d. Which services are impacted;
        e. The estimated time for the repair or fix; and
        f. The cause of the issue if the cause is known.


Maintenance and other changes to the Services may cause performance issues and/or service downtime. Agenium will use commercially reasonable efforts to (a) Schedule maintenance and service activities between 10:30 PM – 11:00 PM CST every other Thursday. (b) Limit any service degradation during such maintenance and services activity. Except in the event of an emergency, you will be notified by means of an e-mail message or a telephone call in advance of a requirement to implement a change outside of these periods. Additionally, we may provide notices through the Services so that end users are aware as well.

Release notes are posted at https://helpdesk.agenium.ai. We encourage users to follow announcements to the MRS helpdesk so they can be notified when release notes have been added.

Supported Platforms


We currently support the latest versions of Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Google Chrome, & Safari.


The devices supported are dependent on the browsers that devices support. We currently support the latest browser versions of Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Google Chrome, & Safari.

Security and Privacy


1. Our platform uses Auth-0 as our identity provider. We can support single sign-on (SSO) whether through enterprise federation, social login, or username and password authentication. Users simply log in once and use all applications they have been granted access to.
2. Two-factor authentication is required to access all of our environments.

Data Storage

Agenium will securely store Confidential Information for a period of ninety (90) days from the date of which information was received, after which time, Agenium will destroy the Confidential Information and retain all other information for reporting purposes.

Privacy Incidents

In the event of a confirmed or suspected privacy Incident, users must contact Agenium Privacy Official at privacy@agenium.ai. The Privacy Official will coordinate the response and contact the Incident Response Team if necessary.