Privacy Policy

This website’s intended use is to supply our customers with a secure platform to conduct duties within their business scope. Any visitor to the site will only be able to learn functions performed by Agenium, Inc.

Data Protection

Agenium's primary service is data collection on behalf of it’s customers. Agenium complies with HIPAA laws and regulations to insure that this information is accessed only by authorized users. Agenium values the privacy of the information and its’ owners and is continually evaluating security and privacy practices. Agenium does not retain the sensitive information it collects and does not use information in any manner other than described within our Business Associate Agreements with it’s client customers.


Agenium does not use client-side cookies, or any other means of storing personally identifiable information on the Web Browser’s cache or user’s hard drive. Agenium firewall and servers log IP addresses of all connections to the site, and Agenium IT/IS audits these periodically as part of our network security policy.

Contact Agenium

Please contact Agenium in writing with any questions or inquiries to:


219 N. Milwaukee St.
6th Floor, Suite 630
Milwaukee, WI 53202



+1 800 726 3643

By contacting Agenium we maintain the right to reserve your personal information off-line as applicable with law.