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Platform Solution.

Agenium, a leader in disruptive platform technology, accelerates digital innovation across the complete underwriting and new business process for Life, Health, and Annuity.

Agenium's platform vision represents a new approach to insurance, providing a cohesive and cutting-edge ecosystem that drives performance.

Leveraging dynamic rules, predictive AI, and data analytics, our clients are rapidly accelerating auto decisioning, reducing manual intervention, and increasing profitability.

Agenium solves the evolving needs of today's dynamic insurance marketplace.

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Seamless Integration Perfects the Customer Experience

The Agenium Platform creates a technologically advanced ecosystem that streamlines processes, enhances decision-making, and offers a seamless experience for both insurance agents and applicants.

  • Fully Configurable 3rd Party Integrations:

    Agenium provides a user-friendly system that allows for easy configuration of data inputs. This results in efficient data integration, with rules executed based on specific conditions, minimizing unnecessary calls to third-party data sources.

  • Seamless Compatibility:

    Agenium's integrations are pre-built at the platform level, ensuring compatibility with any carrier, regardless of their legacy environment. This compatibility simplifies the integration process and reduces potential obstacles.

  • Real-time Updates:

    Agenium offers real-time updates with immediate access, guaranteeing that the information is current and readily available. This feature is particularly valuable in the insurance industry, where up-to-date data is crucial for underwriting and decision-making.

  • Dynamic Risk Scoring:

    Agenium's platform provides dynamic risk scoring based on underwriting rules and guidelines. This feature enables insurance professionals to assess risks more accurately, leading to informed decisions and improved underwriting processes.

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A forward-looking approach to insurance, leveraging disruptive technology to reshape the industry, drive automation, and lead in data-driven decision-making.

The power of our solutions lies in their ability to harness cutting-edge technologies such as AI, machine learning, and data analytics to drive performance and enhance customer satisfaction:

Application Fulfillment

By leveraging AI and data analytics, this solution streamlines the application process, automates routine tasks, and offers personalized application experiences. It ensures faster processing, reduces errors, and tailors policies to individual needs, resulting in higher client satisfaction and improved performance.

Underwriting Workbench

With AI-driven decision support, this component enhances underwriting accuracy and efficiency. Machine learning models can analyze vast datasets to make more informed decisions, reducing the risk of errors and delays. This translates to quicker policy approvals, fairer pricing, and happier customers.

Reflexive Decision Engine

The integration of AI and machine learning in the Reflexive Decision Engine enables the creation of complex underwriting rules that adapt to evolving data and customer profiles. This dynamic decision-making process ensures that customers receive accurate assessments and optimal policy recommendations.

Integration Suite

AI-driven data analytics within the Integration Suite helps insurers tap into a wealth of external data sources. This not only improves underwriting precision but also empowers fraud detection and risk assessment. The result is more competitive pricing, lower fraud rates, and increased customer satisfaction.

Agenium leverages AI, machine learning, and data analytics to transform the insurance application and underwriting process. By enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and personalization, we drive better performance, reduced costs, and increased customer satisfaction, ultimately benefiting both insurers and policyholders.

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Streamlined operations, improved decision-making, and optimized workflows through AI-driven insights and seamless integrations.


Informed risk assessment, confident portfolio management, and the ability to navigate complex risk scenarios effectively.


Simplified insurance application and issuance processes, quicker customer interactions, and enhanced service delivery.


Customizable, no-code solutions that integrate seamlessly into insurtech platforms, keeping them at the forefront of innovation and competitiveness.

Third-Party Administrators

Enhanced, fully customizable capabilities, process automation, optimization, data security & compliance, improved efficiency, cost-reduction, and superior customer service.

Business Process Outsourcing

Customizable, scalable solutions to drive automation of key tasks, improve efficiency, optimization, data-driven insights, cost-reduction and superior customer service.

Redefining Strategic Value

Agenium's vision as a New Business and Underwriting hub clearly aligns with the evolving landscape of the insurance industry - offering significant value to clients through operational efficiency, data-driven decision-making, flexibility, competitiveness, and future-readiness.

By centralizing and optimizing New Business and Underwriting processes, Agenium positions itself as a transformative force in the insurance sector.

Agenium offers open APIs that facilitate a modular approach to support legacy platforms while retaining essential features in production.

The platform supports multiple user experiences seamlessly within the same environment, ensuring versatility for all stakeholders.

Hosted on Microsoft Azure, the platform ensures state-of-the-art security, stability, and scalability, offering a robust and reliable foundation.

Agenium maintains a single code base to serve all customers, ensuring consistency and ease of maintenance.

Customer data is kept segregated by carrier, maintaining data integrity and security.

Agenium's platform stands out as the most contemporary, adaptable, and configurable no-code solution available today designed to provide efficient workflows tailored to meet the needs of various users and processes.

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